Upcycled Lobster Rope Mat- Ocean
Upcycled Lobster Rope Mat- Ocean

Upcycled Lobster Rope Mat- Ocean

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Own an authentic piece of Cape Cod with this handmade upcycled lobster rope mat.  Each mat is handmade on the Cape out of genuine, used lobster rope that comes directly from Cape Cod's local lobstermen.  By purchasing these mats you are encouraging lobstermen and fishermen to put their unwanted line to good use rather than it ending up in the oceans and likely harming marine life. 

Each mat is unique from the various nautical knots still woven throughout the lines to the tiny bits and pieces of dried ocean debris still embedded into the rope itself.  Each mat varies in color depending on what ropes the lobstermen bring to the makers.  If you have specific color requests please email us; saltyharborshop@gmail.com

Durable, weather-proof, ultimately indestructible!

Approximately 20"x35"

**A portion of sales from each Lobster Mat sold benefits the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown, Massachusetts.