Shimmer & Gold Bangle Bracelets

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Where Watermelons Grow specializes in hand crafted, small batch jewelry inspired by their love for the coast + designed to compliment your natural beauty.  A set of shimmering bangles to add a dash of shine to any outfit. Each clasp-less bracelet is hand-beaded with MIYUKI glass beads and features a 14k gold-filled cylinder bead. Easily rolls on the wrist and is tarnish-resistant for everyday wear.
**Sold as a 3-piece set. Each set features 3, 7" bracelets and one signature gold melon charm.

Care Instructions:

14k gold-filled is the next best thing to solid gold. It is 100x more gold than gold-plated jewelry and does not contain nickel. It is tarnish-resistant, and will not fade, flake, or chip making it perfect for everyday wear in and out of the water.

With little care, your gold-filled jewelry will stay bright and golden for a lifetime. Water-friendly, showering with your jewelry can keep it shining bright as long as you use mild soaps. Avoid using lotions near your jewelry as the lotions can be difficult to clean out of the chain. After a day in the salty sea, clean jewelry with mild soap & water, and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Occasional polishing with a polishing cloth. 

Women Owned
Handmade in Marshfield, MA